Tires & Wheels

 Save money on gas by maintaining proper air pressure.
The Benefits of Correct Air Pressure
Many industry experts agree that keeping the correct air pressure in your tires is as important as giving your engine a tune-up. Properly inflated tires also last longer, allowing drivers to save money by getting more mileage out of their tires and having to replace them less frequently.
The Importance Of Regular Air Pressure ChecksRegularly checking the air pressure in your tires is an important task, yet many drivers frequently overlook it. The need for tire pressure maintenance is often put off until it is too late and a driver is forced to deal with the consequences. Drivers need to be aware that tires lose a little bit of air pressure each day. In cool weather, tires typically lose one or two pounds of pressure per month. In warm weather, the loss rate increases. Therefore, it’s crucial for drivers to realize that, while appearances may not indicate it, their tires are continuously losing air pressure.

Refilling your tires is as important as refilling your gas tank. Associating the two is a good way to remind yourself to check your air pressure. If you check the air pressure in your tires every other time you stop to get gas, you should be checking consistently.